Mobile Marketing

As wireless text messaging (Short Messaging Service) has grown into a mainstream communication tool for consumers, reaching them via SMS marketing has become increasingly important strategy for businesses. Whether between two people planning to meet up or a broadcast message to thousands of users, more and more customers are becoming converts every day, and survey marketers realize text messaging is a great way to quickly communicate with their audience.

How it works?
Our flexible, commercial-grade system allows you to unlock the potential of mobile marketing
and execute your campaign quickly and easily.
To get the most out of our platform and SMS marketing, you simply need to have a clear campaign vision. The clearer your objectives, the more informative and convincing your messages will be.

The mechanism of letting your customers receive your marketing messages is simple. Our Admin Web Interface enables you to compose text messages, select the recipients from the database(s) of your customers and send messages to them instantly or at a scheduled time. 

Our system even allows you to compose your marketing messages on your cell phone and send them directly to all the subscribers of a specified group. With a keyword security pass (a top-level or second-level keyword), you will have permanent remote access to the Admin Web Interface and will be able to send your messages from any location, without being tied to your PC. With our mobile SMS system – you hold the key to an easy and effective marketing campaign where your creative messages produce immediate results!


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