Email Marketing

Newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns are now considered to be one of the most essential direct marketing tools in the contemporary internet marketing world. The reasons may vary from willing to stay in touch with the existing client base to aiming at probable clientele, From Fortune 1000 corporations to small and medium scale business, companies are now integrating direct email marketing into their customer acquisition and retention programs. The think tanks in the marketing departments have recognized the immense power of bulk email marketing and its strength to deliver a significant return on their investment. With five years of industry knowledge and experience in an extremely complex internet environment.
Tecxone offers direct email marketing and newsletter writing programs that will get you the desired result and success- in a manner that is just ideal for your budget and needs.

Tecxone offers newsletter and bulk e-mail marketing services that are professional, easy to use and deal with affordable method of handling of newsletters and emails of any type. From launching to managing and improving, Tecxone offers you the best practice industry information, custom application and comprehensive integration services.


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