Education Portal

Project Introduction

The Web-application for Education System is designed for Schools, Colleges and Institutes which are practically providing useful information to the parents and sustain a strong communication with them. Not only Information, the web-application include many functionalities which provide complete academic performance of students. Parents can stay in touch with their child's information on academic and the other activities at the institute. Parents can easily contact to the higher management, and need not to spend any extra time to visit institute. They keep themselves updated about the overall performance of their child from any part of the world. 

1. Organization's Introduction
Web-Application Package has multiple dynamic and static pages. 
The static pages contain information about Introductions, Vision, mission and quality policy, Facilities, Achievements, Admission and Contact.

2. Online Admission / Registration Forms
These are dynamic features, visitor can apply for Admission / Registration online, Student or his / her parents will provide required information and submit the form. an auto email will verify that their application has been sent successfully and after the process they will be contacted soon.

3. Monthly Student Performance Chart for Parents
This is Fully Dynamic feature of Web-Application, Parents can view student's performance graph, which activities he/she interested in, the graph will also show the percentage of different activities performed by the students.

4. Monthly Student Account's Information for Parents
This is feature related to the accounts department of organization. In the Web-Application, parents can view student's accounts information, may fee and fines are payable.

5. Term wise and Annual Results for Parents
This feature is very useful for the parents and students to create interest in website when results are announced, everyone wants to see his results at first. Parents and students can also view and print the annual and term wise results.

6. Feedback forms for the Parents
This features is very easy to send complaint to higher management of the organization, it is also useful to get suggestions from parents to improve the quality of education and environment of the organization. When the parents will send their query they will be confirmed that their problem will be solved shortly.

7. Online Jobs Application Form for the job seekers.
This feature is designed for job seekers, they can apply online or send their data through the email, an auto responder email will verify that his/her information has been received, they will be called for interview and further formalities accordingly.

8. Complete Email Solution
We offer unlimited email accounts, administrator and other management or staff easy to send and receive email through their official email address. The package of email is fully functionaled with auto responder, froward email and all features compared by other popular email client like yahoo, google, hotmail.

9. Fun & Knowledge Corners for students
This feature is designed for students' interaction with website, there are many attractive things like jokes, games, knowledge and painting galleries for the student, they will see their own creativity on website to enjoy, they also improve their knowledge through knowledge quotations and they also make laugh with jokes. They can also play short computer games online.

10. News, Updates and Events Galleries
This is very useful area of the Web-Application, parents and the other related person of organization can be updated through News section, they also can view the event pictures in the galleries of various celebrations of indoor and outdoor events.

11. Group Network and Affiliation Information
Visitor of website can view the group and Network Information with name, address, and contact nos. or Affiliation with board university etc.

12. Complete Site-Navigation and Search Engine
The Web-Application is included full site navigation through site map, their all links of the site will be visible.
The site search engine is a dynamic feature that work with keywords, It is site search engine but it works like other search engines like google, yahoo, live search.


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