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Tecxone the single source for your Internet business strategy. We're well equipped with the knowledge, resources, skills, state-of-the-art technologies, and creativity to provide and maintain practical Internet and e-Business solutions to our clients as well as be their trusted technical advisor and partner of choice.

Web Designing

We offer a massive variety of professional website designs with well-ordered, beautiful layouts, striking color combinations and high-quality photographs. 

  • Web Design
  • Web Site Re-Design
  • Web Site Maintenance
  • Web Site Builder
  • E-commerce Web Design
  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Multimedia Flash Design


Graphic Designing

Tecxone designer team reviews the brief and background material to guarantee we fully understand your requirements. Next, we develop draft ideas and an introductory design, before selecting the most suitable options for further development. We then present you with a visual, illumination the rationale behind our design, before working with you to evaluate the visual against the requirements of the brief. Following your feedback, our team will amend the material as required and, if necessary, presents you with new designs.

Domain Name

A domain name (www.yourcompany.com) means your own address on the Internet. As no two parties may ever hold the similar domain name at the same time, it is a actually unique identifier of you or your company on Internet. It is how your customers will remember you and find you among the millions of other Web sites on the Internet. Currently we are offering .com, .ae .net, .org, .biz and also .co.uk and many more domain extensions. Safeguarding your domain name is one of the most important steps in set up your online business, and with our domain name tool, the registration process is quick and easy. Our website allows you to check on the availability of up to five .com, .org, .net, .biz, or .co.uk domain names at the same time, and if you already have a domain name, you can use the our domain tool to transfer the current domain name to your new site in just a few steps.





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